The protective film of the “ZOOM” brand protects metal sheet and products made of  it from mechanical damages (chips, scratches), external pollution and atmospheric moisture which can appear at the moment of operation, transportation or installation.


The professionals of "ZOOM" organization recommend the necessary usage of the protecting film, since the metal surface may lose the aesthetic appearance under the influence of the external environment.


Types of the sheet metal where the protecting film is applied:

- Zinc-coated steel with polymer coating;

- Zinc-coated steel without a polymer coating

- Stainless steel without a polymer coating;

- Aluminum and non-ferrous alloys with polymer coating;

- Aluminum and non-ferrous alloys without a polymer coating.


 Selection of protecting film of "ZOOM" brand depends on the roughness of the polymer coating which is divided into smooth, matte and textured color.

Protection for professionals will extend the period of use and preserve the presentation of your metal products!