Adhesive application to the customer’s film

Production of the  OOO "ZOOM" takes the orders for applying the adhesive composition on the film (PP, BOPP, PE, etc.), supplied by the client. For making the self-adhesive film, the base film must meet the following requirements:

- features of the film - not heat shrinkable, without  anti-block additives, sliding additives, chalk additives;

- thickness tolerance +-5% (thickness variation should be evenly distributed over the entire width of the web), under tension sag of the film is not allowed;

- not allowed: gels, foreign inclusions, through holes, pressed folds, corrugations, litter;

- winding should be tight, edge of the roll should be smooth, color should be even, without joints;

-  activation on the inner side of the film winding in the roll should be 38-44 dine / cm, gaps on the inner side, and the activation breakdown on the outer side are not allowed.


Also, experts can process the application of water-based glue supplied by the customer. For production of self-adhesive film, the adhesive dispersion must meet the following requirements:

- not to foam under the  mechanical action  of the anilox;

- the number of hydrogen ions should be within the PH=6,5 - 8 u;

- the solution should be free of coagulants and sediment;

- one or two-component system;

- assumed viscosity 15 - 25 sec.