Product description

self-adhesive protective film ZOOM- 3.1 for glass and ceramics


Protective film grade ZOOM - 3.1
Serial color of protective film


Serial thickness of the adhesive film, µm 60; 90
Serial width of the adhesive film, µm 100÷1500
Serial winding length in roll, MP 100
Operating temperature of the protective film, C -40÷+80
Stable adhesion, g/25 mm 350÷450 700÷900 1000÷1400
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Protective film ZOOM-3.1 is a thin splinter-proof film designated to protect mirrors and glasses. The film is glued to the back side of the mirror and prevents its complete scattering when broken. Holding the mirror chips on itself, the film protects you or your children from glass fragments.

What is a self-adhesive protective film ZOOM-3.1?

ZOOM-3.1 is the thinnest film made of polyethylene pressed under high pressure. One side of the film is covered with layer of adhesive, with the help of which the film is glued to the surface of the glass.

Special additives give the film high strength and resistance to all types of external influences: high humidity, temperature, minor mechanical damage.

The film can have a high level of transparency, which gives the possibility to glue it to the outside of the mirror without taking the glass out of the frame.

What spheres is the protective film used in?

Self-adhesive protective film can be used in different spheres of construction. As a rule, polymer films are used to protect the external and internal finishing elements of buildings. It can be such elements as roof, plastic siding and many others.

The ZOOM-3.1 film is suitable not only to protect mirrors, but also to protect windows and glasses of different sizes.

The advantages of the film ZOOM-3.1

In relation to a variety of similar protective films, ZOOM-3.1 has the following advantages:

  • High tensile strength
  • Holds all the fragments well when the glass is broken
  • Easy to apply on the surface
  • Has a high level of adhesion
  • Not exposed to temperature changes and chemicals
  • Can be completely transparent

How to buy a protective film ZOOM-3.1?

To place an order to purchase, you can call +7 (831) 413-66-37. You can a use a special form on our website, fill it in and leave the request for a call back. Also you can send a letter with your request to mail and Our managers will call you back as soon as possible and answer all your questions.

Are used to protect:

  • Splinter proof permanent protective film for the back side of the mirror

INSTRUCTION for intermediate and ultimate users on operation of the self-adhesive splinterproof protective film for the backside of mirrors of ZOOM-3.1 brand (further «protective film for mirrors»)


1.1. The protective film for mirrors is used to protect a person from mirror fragments (fragments remain glued to the film if the mirror is broken) and to protect the amalgam of the mirror from mechanical damage during storage, transportation, installation, operation. Protective film for mirrors is a non-removable film. Protective film for mirrors belongs to safety class A1.

1.2 The protective film for mirrors is manufactured in the following colours: black, white, grey and transparent. Roll length is 100 MP, width is up to 1500 mm, thickness is 90 microns. Base material: high-pressure polyethylene or biaxially oriented polypropylene. Adhesive is environmentally friendly water-based acrylic dispersion with peeling strength from 600 to 800 g / inch. The diameter of the cardboard spool of the film’s roll is 76 mm, the thickness of the spool wall is 5 mm.


2.1. Transportation of rolls of protective film for mirrors is conducted on pallets in horizontal or upright position, with the obligatory interlining made of corrugated cardboard between the rolls, in the enclosed transport protected from atmospheric condensation.

2.2. Each packed pallet must have a packing sheet. 2.3. Transportation, loading works should be carried out with extreme care to prevent damage to the rolls of protective film for mirrors.


3.1. Protective film for mirrors should be stored in rolls in a dry, ventilated area, without direct sunlight, dust and water at a temperature of + 5 to +35 ° C, at a distance of 1 m from the heating devices, without the aggressive vapors, inflammable liquid, refined products and combustion products in the environment.

3.2. The shelf life of the protective film for mirrors in the original packaging is 3 (three) months from the date of manufacture while observing storage conditions by the Customer.


4.1.Amalgam of the mirror should be dust-free, dry and clean, have no traces of oil, chemicals and other foreign elements. In the case of a partial detachment of the protective film for mirrors from the surface of the amalgam the pressure should be increased and/or equalized over the surface, because the glue of permanent adhesiveness is a contact adhesive, the size of its adhesion to the surface is directly proportional to the pressure of the tool, pressing the film. Maximum adhesion occurs 24 hours after application of the film to the surface of the amalgam of the mirror at a storage temperature of the product with a film of not less than 150C

4.2. During the application a protective film for mirrors on the surface of the mirror’s amalgam, it is recommended to provide the surface temperature within + 150C ÷ + 350C.

 4.3. Upon exposure to a protective film for mirrors of negative temperatures, it must be kept in a warm room for 24 hours to a temperature of at least +150C, throughout the volume of the roll before use.

4.4. Application of a protective film for mirrors is made by help of a laminating machine, roller or squeegee blade. Manual application of the protective films for mirrors is recommended to do with the help of 2 people. Application of protective films for mirrors must be done without pressed creases, air pockets.


5.1. Clean the surface of amalgam of the mirror.

5.2. Take a roll of protective film for mirrors of a suitable width to the width of the product.

5.3. Unwind the roll of protective film for mirrors along the length of the product with the adhesive layer down and pull the film.

5.4. The protective film for mirrors in the tense state glue to the short edge of the product with a free edge.

5.5. Then gradually lower the protective film for mirrors to the surface along the length of the product and glue, smoothing the unevenness with a squeegee blade or roller.

5.6. Finish the application by cutting the web of the product along the perimeter, getting beyond the protective film for mirrors.

6. NOTE.

6.1. The integrity of the protective film on the surface of the product retains its adhesive properties.

6.2. The properties of the protective film can be lost in case of violation of storage and operation conditions.

6.3. It is strongly recommended to apply a protective film on the surface, tested or recommended by the laboratory of OOO "ZOOM".

6.4. In case of violation of the operation requirements of the protective film, the manufacturer reserves the right not to accept claims relating to quality.