Product description

film ZOOM-3.2 to increase the protective properties of packaging materials


Protective film grade ZOOM - 3.2
Serial color of protective film


Serial thickness of the adhesive film, µm 35; 50; 60
Serial width of the adhesive film, µm 100÷1500
Serial winding length in roll, MP 100
Operating temperature of the protective film, C -40÷+80
Stable adhesion, g/25 mm 700÷1000
Pick up

You can buy protective film for packaging materials ZOOM-3.2 at the beneficial price on the market here This film model is perfect for lamination and protection of packaging materials of different types (paper, cardboard, etc.). The film is easily glued to the back side of the packaging material and provides a high level of protection from moisture and other negative effects of the environment.

Using the ZOOM-3.2 film to protect the packaging materials, you can get a really strong and reliable packaging for your goods, which can protect them during the transportation even under the most negative conditions.

What does the film ZOOM-3.2 protect from?

Self-adhesive protective film provides reliable protection from various impacts, such as:

  • Exposure to moisture (direct or as a condensate)
  • Minor mechanical attacks (scratches, friction, small impacts)
  • Sudden temperature changes

The film is evenly glued to the packaging material and significantly prolongs its service life.

What is the ZOOM-3.2 film made of?

The protective film is made of tightly pressed polyethylene, where chemicals are added, they increase the level of strength and resistance to negative influences. The process of making the film is not very difficult, however, requires strict regulatory compliance.

What spheres is the protective film used in?

Protective film for packaging is used by almost all large manufacturing companies which products have a limited shelf life, or require a particularly careful attitude during the transportation. The film helps to deliver the goods safe and sound and save the manufacturer from financial losses related to product defects during transportation.

How is the protective film glued?

The process of applying of the protective film ZOOM-3.2 is very simple and does not require any special skills or specialized tools. One side of the film is covered with adhesives, which makes the process of gluing even easier.

To paste the protective film, it is enough to peel the protective part off and attach the film to the surface. It should be noted that before the application of the film, you must carefully prepare the surface - clean it from dust, dirt and other small particles.

Is used:

  • As a lamination film to increase the strength and water resistance of packaging materials such as film, paper, cardboard, etc