Product description

film ZOOM-3.1 to increase the protective properties of packaging materials


Protective film grade ZOOM - 3.1
Serial color of protective film


Serial thickness of the adhesive film, µm 60; 90
Serial width of the adhesive film, µm 100÷1500
Serial winding length in roll, MP 100
Operating temperature of the protective film, C -40÷+80
Stable adhesion, g/25 mm 350÷450 700÷900 1000÷1400
Pick up

In our online store you can buy a protective film ZOOM-3.1 for packing materials of different types: paper, cardboard and others, at the beneficial price on the market. This model of film is characterized by increased protection against moisture, as well as high tensile strength.

Using the film ZOOM-3.1, you can significantly increase the strength of your packaging materials, and provide them with the best safety even under the most aggressive environmental influences.

Advantages of ZOOM-3.1 film

In relation to numerous competitors, this film model has the following advantages:

  • Moderate price
  • Resistance to mechanical damage (scratches, friction, small bumps)
  • High tensile strength
  • High level of adhesion
  • Durability and reliability

Field of application of the protective film

Self-adhesive protective film is generally used not only for the protection of packaging materials, but also for the protection of various surfaces. It can be used to protect the roof, interior elements of decoration, floor coverings and many others.

What does the film ZOOM-3.1 protect from?

The film is able to provide a high level of protection against:

  • Exposure to moisture (direct or as a condensate)
  • Minor mechanical attack (bumps, friction, scratches)
  • Formation of mold, fungus
  • Exposure to chemicals

What is the protective film made of?

The main component in the production of protective film is polyethylene. It is heated to a high temperature and pressed on special equipment. During the production cycle, special chemical additives are added to the polyethylene, which increase the level of resistance of the film to different types of impacts.

The finished film is carefully checked for defects and wrap into rolls, each of which has a fixed length.

How to buy a protective film for packaging materials?

To place an order to the purchase of the film, you just need to fill in the online form on the web-site or call us at +7 (831) 413-66-37 yourself. Also you can send us a letter with your request to mail and Our managers will gladly contact you and answer all your questions. We provide a guarantee of quality on all our products.

Is used:

  • As a lamination film to increase the strength and water resistance of packaging materials such as film, paper, cardboard, etc